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Distillation is the most commonly applied separation technology. In the energy, chemical, and wastewater industries, distillation plays a critical process and is universally used in the chemical process industries, where large quantities of liquids have to be distilled. Distillation columns separate liquid and vapour mixtures into component fractions of targeted purity by applying and removing heat. The products and services that keep the world going, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, and many others, are created using distillation processes. Moreover, the distillation column is the heart of the distillation system. Tara Engineering is a proven distillation column manufacturer that provides an extensive range of materials and diameters for its distillation columns, based on the particular process parameters.

We concentrate on the design considerations, such as seismic and wind load conditions, at the specific location where the equipment is installed. We almost perform a limitless number of internal configurations through our expertise and skills because of our integrated installation options. With our extensive understanding and experience with steel fabrication, we ensure the high-quality construction of your column, whether it is big or small.

Features of Column

For separating binary or multi-component mixtures, distillation columns are employed. Multiple variables, such as column pressure, temperature, size, and diameter, are determined by the properties of the feed and the desired products. Some specialized columns, such as reactive distillation columns, perform other functions that combine reaction and separation of products into a single unit.


For distilling liquid, condense in the distillation column will be done partially, whereas the remaining uncondensed vapour will be condensed in the condenser. The condenser consists of a shell and tube condenser with vapour in the shell and water in the tubes. The system also has accessories and supporting equipment like a vent condenser, reflux drum, product cooler, and much more.

Vent Condenser

From the condenser, partially condensed vapour will further be condensed in the vent condenser.

Reflux Drum

Part of the Condensate collected from the condenser will be collected in the reflux drum, returning to the upper part of the distillation column. Within the column, the down-flowing reflux liquid provides cooling and condensation of the up-flowing vapours, thereby increasing the efficiency of the distillation tower.

Packed Beds

The packing or packed bed columns are often used for absorption and distillation of vapour-liquid mixtures. It provides a large surface area for vapour-liquid contact, increasing the column’s effectiveness.

General Insight

The feed mixture contains components of different volatilities and enters the column approximately at the middle. The flow of liquid moves down through the packing, whereas the vapour flows upward through the column. Here the differences in concentration cause the less-volatile components to transfer from the vapour phase to the liquid phase. The exiting vapour contains the most volatile components, while the liquid product stream contains the least volatile components.

Distillation Column Manufacturers in Vadodara (Equipment Designing)

With invade of the feed mixture in the column, the liquid flow starts to move down the column through the packing counter and contacts the rising vapour stream. After the vapour condenses, the stream enters a reflux drum, split into an overhead product stream, known as the distillate, and a reflux stream that is recycled back to the column.

Why Choose Tara Engineering As Your Distillation Column Manufacturers / column Suppliers in Vadodara?

At Tara Engineering, we offer customizable feed, side draw, bottom liquid, top vapour, or any other product inlet and outlet ports that you may require are fabricated to your design specifications. Being a prominent custom manufacturer of columns for catalyst regeneration, distillation, evaporation, fraction, oxidation, purification, rectification and separation applications, we serve diverse industries that ventures into chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food.