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As the name implies – heat exchangers are engineering devices that transfer heat between two or more fluid streams at different temperatures. Finding widespread power generation, chemical processing, refrigeration, air-conditioning, and automotive, the heat exchanger devices is built with specific thermodynamic goals. Being a leading heat exchanger manufacturer in Vadodara, we have hands-on expertise and complete insight from merely plugging a tube to complete heat exchange retubing and rebuilding your heat exchanger from the ground. Specialized in reconditioning, repairing, and remanufacturing heat exchangers, our customers enjoy the same guarantees as would apply to equipment direct from an OEM, but at a fraction of the cost.

Features of Heat Exchanger

It is imperative to concentrate on the design and construction type that a heat exchanger employs. It largely determines what setting the heat exchanger will be used, suitable types of fluids, capacity, and efficiency. Also, ascertain the physical size, wheather it is cost-effective, complicated, and checks frequent maintenance.

Significant, Notable Design and Construction Styles of Heat Exchangers


Duplex Pipe Heat Exchanger

One of the simplest and most basic types of an industrial heat exchanger, cost-effectively designed and builds along with affordable units to sustain. The style is effortless, basic design often used for beginning stage teaching and illustrative purposes within the heat exchanger industry. Yet, they require a high amount of space relative to their operation scale and aren’t very efficient.

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Featuring a shell casing containing a series of tubes that consists of fluid to be heated or cooled, whereas the second fluid flows over those tubes, absorbing or providing the heat. The shell and tube heat exchanger style is commonly used for high-pressure applications because its shape and design are robust. The tube design itself is essential with this type of heat exchanger. To maximize strength and efficiency, factors based on the heat exchanger’s application to contemplate are tube thickness, diameter, length, pitch, layout, and groove.

Plate Heat Exchanger

Composed of a series of thin, slightly separated plates, this type of heat exchanger features an extensive surface area and fluid flow passages to facilitate heat transfer. With the advancement in gasket and brazing technology, the plate heat exchanger can be made very space-efficient. Overall, various plate heat exchangers are in use, depending on the plates used and the plates’ configuration.

Phase-Change Heat Exchangers (Boilers)

Designed to make the substance heated or cooled, phase-change heat exchangers change from one phase to another. For instance, a gas might condense into a liquid, or fluid might boil into a gas. Heat exchangers that function to turn liquid water into steam are so common that they are generally considered boilers as their equipment class.

Dynamic Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

With a continuous scraped surface, dynamic scraped surface heat exchangers are those heat exchangers that prevent fouling and allow for longer run times. It makes them ideal for high-viscosity products, crystallization processes, or other applications that would otherwise lead to high fouling rates.

Adiabatic Wheel Heat Exchanger

Adiabatic wheel heat exchangers feature a giant wheel that has fine threads. The wheel rotates through the hot and cold fluids, thereby accomplishing the heat exchange.

Why Choose Tara Engineering As Your Heat Exchanger Maintenance Services in Vadodara?

There is always a need for maintenance and servicing for any devices or system, may it be your vehicle or any electronic devices and system. Likewise, to be efficient, functional, and safe, heat exchanger repair services. Tara Engineering manufacturer specializes in the reconditioning, repair, and re-manufacturing of heat exchangers. Our proficient staff and skilled technical team focus on the details, which the other companies often overlook and provide you the one of the best Heat exchanger maintenance services in Vadodara. We are also carrying out high-pressure testing and as per ASME section VIII and IX. We also fabricate different types of Tubes Heat Exchanger i.e. CS, S.S, Copper, Aluminum, and any other material as per the client requirement. Call us today at +91 98256 22168 to meet our expert & get the best heat exchanger repair services in Vadodara.