Special Job

A) S.S Dished Tank:

Impressive Dished tank job carried out by us for the client in code ASME section VIII & IX and with 3rd party inspection.

Satisfactory 2462 OD and 32 mm thick martial SA 240 GR 304 plate and SA 312 TP 304 & SA 240 GR 304 plate 100% X-Ray job carried out of all weld joint with stress Reliving.

B) M.S Dished Tank

We also have fabricated drying & polishing tank dish end both sides with PWHT Cycles as for client fabrication details. All joints were D.P Tested and 100% X-Ray of all weld joints stress relieved.

After completion of fabrication 138ºC/hr socking temp 610ºC for 1 hr 40-minute cooling at 160ºC/hr unloading temp 300ºC. Construction of plate 516GR70 OD 2800 mm length 4800 mm shell & dished thick 25mm.